Diversity and Inclusion


Yes. Please indicate your dietary needs on your conference registration.

Men’s, women’s, and gender-neutral restrooms are available throughout the conference venue. Restrooms with diaper-changing facilities are marked. All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Please identify any accommodations you may need at the time of registration through the RESPECT registration form. If you become aware of additional needs that you were not able to specify in your registration, please contact the General Chairs or the Accessibility Chairs. Contact information for the chairs can be found on the conference website.

When you complete your registration, please indicate that you need a place to breastfeed or pump. Facilities will be made available at the conference venue and will be indicated on the conference website and program.

For any request, including but not limited to having a chair on stage, ramps up to the stage, wireless microphone, or video, please contact the Accessibility Chairs no later than 2 weeks in advance of the conference. It would be helpful if you indicate your needs in your conference registration as well.

If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible to the General Chairs. You can make an anonymous report via this online form or email the General Chairs. Conference organizers will review the report and will take action to ensure that the conference is a welcoming and inclusive space.

Please contact the General Chairs or the Accessibility Chairs. Contact information for the chairs can be found on the conference website

Yes. Each session chair will announce and enforce the requirement that all speakers and audience members asking questions use the microphone to promote accessibility for those who are hearing impaired.



If invited, an invitation email will come from EasyChair. This email will contain a personal link for you to log in and ACCEPT or DECLINE the invitation to review for a specific track. Please look out for this email, follow that link, and accept/decline at your earliest convenience, no later than Friday, February 9th, 2024.

The Bidding process allows you to express your reviewing preferences so they can factor into the submission assignment process. Your Track Chair(s) will enable bidding after reviewer invitations go out. Accepted Reviewers in EasyChair will receive an automatically generated email at this time. During the bidding period, bid on papers by selecting Bidding from the menu. Please look through the submissions and place at least 6 “yes” or “maybe” bids. “Yes” bids are for papers you would really like to review. “Maybe” bids are for papers you would be OK with reviewing. Please bid on papers that lie in your area of expertise. Bidding is an important chance to express your preferences but it does not guarantee a particular allocation.

First, thank you for being here in what we hope will prove to be good company. The information you need is on this site or contained in the email instructions sent to you at each stage of the process. The timeline is important for us to get everything done for the conference, but we understand that individual circumstances may impact your ability to meet a particular deadline. Please reach out via email to your Track Chairs or the Program Co-Chairs if you are unable to complete a step by the desired time. This will allow us to help you or reach out to your fellow reviewers to make adjustments. We appreciate your willingness to serve and your voluntary contributions to the RESPECT community.

The EasyChair system will identify papers for which you are part of the listed author team and should not review. Submissions are anonymized to reviewers, meaning the author names should not be present in the text. However, if for any reason you believe you have a conflict of interest with an assigned submission or are unable to provide an unbiased review, please notify the Track Chairs via email and DO NOT submit a review for the submission. Ideally, you would mark these as conflicts during the bidding process.

EasyChair designates Reviewers as members of the conference Program Committee or PC. After you accept your role as a reviewer for this conference, you will see this as your new role to select on login. Welcome! PC Members are able to access the anonymized submissions for their assigned track. You may peruse these submissions in order to determine which ones you might prefer to review.

After the bidding period is complete, your track chairs will assign submissions to each reviewer. You will receive an email invitation with instructions and your assigned papers. During the review period, please do your best to submit your reviews at your earliest convenience, no later than March 1, 2024.

Names, affiliations, and email address for the organizing committee are on this page. The Track Chairs help the Program Co-Chairs to shepherd the paper review process. We are all doing our part to make #RESPECT2024 an amazing conference experience!

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